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Yes, there's not a lot here, but trust me, I'm working on that. In the meantime, if you crave something, you can check out my fics on either my fic journal or my other fan fics on my homestead site here.

Spoilers: The ending of the series. This little ficlet follows the end of episode 224, so if you haven't seen that far and don't wish to know what happens, don't read. That's pretty much all I can say.
Warnings: Angst. Angst. And more Angst. Oh, and slight hints of Yugi+Yami. Nothing in your face as it were.
Summery: Yugi contemplates his life after coming home from Egypt. The circle continues on and one day, it will be completed for Mutou Yugi.

Challenge Fic
Spoilers: None really.
Warnings: Craziness, Darkshipping.
Summery: To answer a challange issued by Angel-chan. 'Tis a fic that had to include the following: Yami no Bakura/Yami no Yuugi; Kaiba/Jounouchi; Kaiba with no pants and a fireman's helmet; Explain the helmet; Shaadi must appear; There must be a video camera at some point; Yep, there will be drinking games; The following lines must be used "I didn't know he could bend like that" and "You broke the hikaris".

Spoilers: Events happening at the end of the series
Warnings: Takes place during "Duel 3: The Turth of the Artifact" in the March 2005 issue of Shonen Jump. Slight hints of puzzleshipping and revolutionshipping.
Summery: Yuugi knows what going to the museum means. So does Anzu. It's the beginning of the end.

Flareshipping Adventures
(for lack of a better name)
Spoilers: None at the moment.
Warnings: Flareshipping, Tendershipping
Summery: Yuugi tells his friends all about their (his and Yami's) (mis)adventures being the lovers of the great Kaiba Seto.
Part 1: How many?
Part 2: Special Print

Those Left Behind
Spoilers: Up through and including the end of the Ancient Egypt/Pharaoh's Memories arc.
Pairing: To tell you would ruin the suprise. ^_^
Summery: Zork has been defeated. The past is then and the future is now.
Part 1: The Once and Future King

The Armor Porn or When Something Goes Seriously Wrong with the Duel Armor
Spoilers: Events during Capsule Monsters
Warnings: Written because I was dared to. And because the idea was amusing.
Dedication: For Dirj. Because I owe her for the Temple!Sex, Controller!Porn and Armor!Porn. ^_^
Summery: Yami no Yuugi joins with the wrong monster. Oops.

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