Yu-Gi-Oh and its characters are not mine. They were created by Kazuki Takahashi and belong to various others as well. I am merely borrowing them for fun. And because Yugi is damn loud when he wants to be.

Angsty fic ahead!

Be warned, while I have seen some of episode #224, I haven't seen the whole thing, so I have taken some liberties with how things happened. That, and what I watched was raw and I have a very limited understanding of the Japanese language.

But anyway, included within are spoilers for the very end of Yu-Gi-Oh and the Pharaoh's Memories arc.

And damn, was the Pharaoh pretty.


By: Robin Terrae

It was so cold and lonely.

But it should have been something he expected.

In truth, he probably always had, being that he knew that nothing ever lasted forever. Things were born, they lived and they died, sometimes to be reborn again. That's how the circle worked.

Just because some managed to cheat it for 3,000 years, doesn't mean that it wouldn't catch up with them eventually.

So, he should have been prepared. In some part of his mind, he probably was. But that didn't make it hurt any worse. It didn't stop him from feeling like he lost a part of himself.

It didn't matter to him that the part he was missing was a long dead pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. It didn't matter to him that the part he was missing was the darkness to his light.

No. All that mattered to him was that Yami... no, Atemu, was gone. And he was never coming back.

He was now the new King of Games, having won that title in the ceremonial battle that gave Atemu his freedom and rest. As much as it pained him to do so, he did it, for Yami's sake. Because Yami deserved to rest, to go onto his afterlife that had been denied to him 3,000 years ago.

But knowing that didn't change how it felt. All Yugi knew was that on that day, he lost a piece of himself and it was a piece that he would never get back. It was said that the one who solves the puzzle gets to make a wish and Yugi had, wishing for friends. And he got them, in Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu and maybe even in Kaiba and his brother.

Ones that he still had today.

But in the end, he ended up losing the one friend that made him feel whole. He lost the other half of his very soul. The only consolation he had was that maybe, someday, when his time had come, he would be reunited with his darkness.

Yugi found himself waiting for that. He would not give up on this life, he would live it as well as he could without his other half, but he would not fear the end when it came. For in the end, all death became was a new beginning.

For that was what the very nature of the world was: a never-ending circle. And things always came around again.