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Summary: While activating the Duel Armor, the spirit of the Sennen Puzzle accidentally merges with the wrong monster. Whoops.

Pairings: Yuugi & Yami Yuugi (Puzzleshipping)

Dedication: Because the idea wouldn't leave me alone and because Dirj has been nice enough to indulge my somewhat crazy plot bunnies lately, this is for her. I <3 that woman. ^_^

The Armor Porn
When Something Goes Seriously Wrong with the Duel Armor

By: Robin Terrae

The giggling took him by surprise, as he stood, waiting to crush his opponent. Weapon at the ready, he stood there, unsure if he should attack; after all, it didn't seem fair to attack if your opponent wasn't paying attention to you.

"Any day now," he muttered, wondering if this world that he and his friends had found themselves in has suddenly gone crazy.

Well, crazier.

The apparition of his partner appeared next to him, his sudden appearance due to the hold up, as we wondered why this battle was taking longer than usual. Normally, his other donned the armor, merged with his most trusted monster, shined, then defeated the prerequisite monster of the hour.

Yuugi blinked in surprise at the giggling monster. He didn't remember them doing that, unless they were gloating as well. He turned to his partner in confusion, mouth open to ask the other what was going on, when he stopped dead.

And stared.

Then promptly started giggling as well.

The spirit of the puzzle turned his partner in amazement. "Aibou! Not you too!"

"Mou Hitori no Boku…" Yuugi wheezed out as he tried to catch his breath after all the giggling. "I didn't realize that skirts were the new in for dueling armor."

The spirit blinked in surprise, staring at Yuugi for a long moment, before he slowly looked down at himself, causing Yuugi to break out in, thankfully more muffled, giggling. "What the--?"

Instead of his normal armor that he wore when he merged with Dark Magician, this one was distinctly more feminine in nature and appearance. The chest plate was designed to allow room for a more feminine figure, the one that the spirit of the puzzle prayed that this unexpected change didn't give him. While the armor usually formed over the clothes his partner had worn before they had left for their fateful trip to India, this change had not, and instead of his normal greenish colored slacks, he was instead left wearing a skirt that not only didn't leave much to the imagination, but also left him with a strong comradeship with Anzu, as he now understood what was she was complaining about when it came to the skirt of her school uniform. Even Mai would be hard pressed to wear it. And to top the whole situation off, the outfit had a decidedly pink and pastel blue color scheme to it, unlike the royal purple of his normal outfit.

The look that crossed the spirit's face just caused the monster to laugh harder, which in turn, annoyed the spirit enough that he turned and blasted it, a smug look crossing his features as it dissolved into nothingness.

Satisfied with himself, the spirit turned back to Yuugi, ready to deactivate the armor and full intending to pretend that this whole affair had never happened in the first place. He paused, however, when he saw the look on Yuugi's face.

That look was never a good sign.

"You know, Mou Hitori No Boku, that outfit really suits you."

"What?" The spirit's heart thumped against his chest (though, he supposed, it was Yuugi's heart and chest, but he was never one to argue semantics, especially with Yuugi looking at him like that), all coherent thought forgotten as Yuugi approached him, a ghostly hand traveling up a long, unclad leg, pausing just below the hem line at the skirt.

"It really shows off you legs," Yuugi whispered, licking his lips, before raising his eyes from where they were watching his fingers idly playing with the hem to look at his other.

The other's face flushed slightly, causing Yuugi to smirk. He wasn't even going to ask how the spirit managed to merge with the Black Magician Girl instead of his favored Black Magician, even though he really wanted to. Satisfied that he had the other's undivided attention, he gave the leg under his hand one final ghostly caress, before pulling his hands away. Grinning to himself, he allowed himself to return back to his soul room, but not before leaving his other with one more thought. "Mou Hitori no Boku. You. Me. Soul room. Now. Oh, and bring the outfit." He winked as he disappeared.


Sugoroku wondered, not for the first time, how he was supposed to explain this. In front of him, Anzu, Jounouchi and Honda stood, demanding to know where Yuugi was, since they hadn't seen him since they had gotten separated a couple of hours before.

"Now, kids, Yuugi's fine. He's just practicing with the Duel Armor. Doesn't want any nasty surprises when he uses it, you know."

They looked suspicious and Sugoroku couldn’t blame them, but really, this was getting ridiculous. If he wasn't worried about the boy and he was his grandfather, then they had nothing to worry about either. "Trust me, I saw him. He's just working on building his stamina. We don't want him to faint again, now do we?" He chuckled, ignoring the dark looks the kids game him. "I know! How about we go and find some food. I'm sure he'll be hungry when he finishes."

"FOOD?!" Jounouchi and Honda light up and nodded vigorously, turning and running off ahead, leaving Anzu and Sugoroku to follow behind with words of "I need some female friends" and "Boys! Don't go off too far ahead!"

In a clearing not that far away, Shaadi stood, watching the prone body of his Pharaoh as he joined with his host in rooms of their souls. While not surprised, Shaadi hadn't expected that the events following his switching of the Monster Capsules to have such a consequence.

Ah, well.

Working on his stamina indeed.