Yes, this is my flareshipping bunny. And I think it's going to turn into a bunch of little stories all thrown together. Yay.

By the way, Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't belong to me. Can't afford it on top of school loans and car payments.

Flarshipping Adventures
Part I: How Many?

By: Robin Terrae

It was dangerous being Kaiba Seto's lover.

Or lovers, as the case may be. But that detail was small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

"This was what? The second time?"

"Fourth I think, Jounouchi-kun." Yuugi answered around his cookie. "Not counting the times it happened to Yami this week." The small boy tilted his head toward the boy in question, who was currently trying to best Bakura in a war of insults.

Jounouchi eyed his friend before reaching out and snagging a cookie for himself. "How can you stand it?"

Yuugi shrugged, "Just do, though now I can say that I understand why Mokuba complains so much. Sometimes these guys can be so dumb. And I thought Yami could be overprotective, but nothing can beat a pissed-off Kaiba Seto."

"Hm... maybe we should get Bakura and Kaiba-kun together and they could share killing tips." Ryou blinked then shook his head. "I can't believe I just said that."

"Bakura's rubbing off on you, Ryou-kun?" Yuugi asked innocently.

"In more ways then one, I bet," Jounouchi added, then eeped and ducked as Bakura threw a rock at his head. Bakura glared at Jounouchi before turning back to his argument with the idiot Pharaoh.

"So…" Ryou started after a few moments, "Where is Kaiba-san today?"

"He's probably taking over some company." Yuugi paused, "Or out buying boxers; he kind of ruined Yami's last night, the expensive silk ones."

"Aibou!" came the shocked, almost scandalized tones of Yami's voice. "Don't tell them that!" Then he growled and tried to pounce on the tomb robber who was pointing and laughing while snickering something about "Commando Pharaoh."