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Summary: The battle with Zork is over…. What about those left behind?

Pairings: …. It would ruin it if I told you.

Those Left Behind
By: Robin Terrae

"My Pharaoh! Come quick! The Queen--!"

The Pharaoh turned from the papyrus he had been studying to glance up at the young slave girl as she rushed into the chamber. It had been a meager distraction, considering the circumstances, but he hadn't wanted to dwell on other things. He rose from his seat. "Take me to her."

The girl nodded and rushed back out of the chamber, the Pharaoh on her heals. They slowed to a stop outside of the Queen's chambers and his eyes widened as he heard a cry from within. "Is that....?"

"Yes, my Pharaoh. The healer is with her now."

He stepped past her into the room, pausing at the door to watch the scene before him. An older woman, her robes allowing all that laid eyes on her to know her as a palace healer, was leaning over the bed, handing the younger woman a squirming, wailing bundle. The younger took the bundle with a look of awe in her eyes, before reaching up with one hand and gently running it down the baby's face, quieting it with the simple gesture.

The healer backed away from the bed, smiling before turning and stopping short at the sight of the Pharaoh in the doorway. "My Pharaoh," she spoke.

"Is she--? Are they--?"

She smiled, "Both mother and son are doing fine, My Lord." She stepped past him and out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

He slowly approached the bed, looking down at the new mother and child.

She looked at him, brown eyes dancing. "Set, look!" She cried, holding out the baby to him.

Set stared down at the child, reaching out to touch a cheek. Tiny eyes opened, red meeting blue, before the baby yawned. "He has his eyes." He looked up at the woman sitting on the bed, who was watching them both quietly, a far off look in her eyes. "Mana…?"

"He is our future, Set." Mana spoke softly, Set realizing that the look reminded him of Isis when she had been alive. It seemed so long ago… were they really the only two left? "The future of Egypt and his legacy…"

"…will continue on." Set let his finger linger before pulling it away. He would make sure that Atemu's son, his last remaining gift to Egypt, would be raised to follow his footsteps. It was the least he could do for his late cousin.

The past was gone. But their future had yet to come.